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With member equity taking effect in 2014, the bylaws have changed.  Review them, here, at your leisure.

Bylaws are usually thought of as a contract among the members, the board of directors and an organization that addresses governance and financial rights.  The Co-op membership has sole power to amend the Bylaws.   As do most Bylaws, the Plainfield Co-op’s Bylaws establish rules governing these important areas:

· Membership qualifications and rights

· Obligations and warning for member equity/patronage

· Frequency, timing, quorum, and notice for membership meetings

· Board of director contact information, qualifications, terms, election and termination

· Frequency of and notice for board of directors meetings

· Board officer positions and responsibilities

· Indemnification of the board of directors by the Co-op

· Amendments of Bylaws and Articles of Association

CLICK HERE for the .pdf of the Plainfield Co-op Bylaws from 2013, for reference.

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