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The Collective

Nancy Ellen, Perishables/Frozen/Meat/Beer & Wine

For this longtime resident of Plainfield (since 1988), it was love at first sight. “I've loved Vermont - and Plainfield specifically - since the moment I got here on a cold February night years ago. It's hard for me to pin down all the reasons why this is home -- the rural funkiness, four beautiful seasons, the lushness of woods and little streams, woodsmoke, dirt roads, my crazy and brilliant friends. The Co-op is one of the things that makes Plainfield the great place that it is and I feel lucky to be a part of it, working alongside the best bunch of folks I've ever had the pleasure of working with.” The manager of several departments - frozen, perishables, beer and wine, cheese, and health and beauty – Nancy views her work at the co-op as more than just a day job. “Working at the Co-op has involved me in this community like nothing else, for which I am endlessly grateful. We all care deeply about our Co-op, our community, and each other, and are always trying to find ways to make the Co-op the best that it can be. And while all these are all good and true, the real reason is because it just feels like home and always has.”

Mike Peabody,

Collective Coordinator/Community Center/Cheese

A child of the 80's, Mike was born in Williamstown, Vermont, where he also attended Johnson State College, graduating magna cum laude with a BA in Music Studies. Whether it's as a farmhand, music tutor, animal shelter assistant, or recycling depot attendant, he has always lived around Central Vermont.  After starting to volunteer at the Co-op in 08, he joined the Board in 09 and currently works at the co-op full-time.  Mike is married with two cats and an infant son, Ozias Ambrose. Likes include gaming, farming, sunshine, and scrap metal. Dislikes: post-Keynesian economics, hernias, baby teeth and unemployment.

Jessi Robinson, Staff/HABA

"I moved to the Plainfield area 8 years ago, and am currently homesteading in Orange with my family. I am happy to be joining the Co-op staff once again!  I am originally from Provincetown, MA and have lived part-time in Vermont for 21 years.  Recently, I recommitted myself to the process of getting my teaching certificate, and enjoy being part of an awesome staff!"

Dorothy Wallace, Teas & Herbs

For three decades, Dorothy has lived at the end of a dirt road with her family and garden. “I lived in Plainfield for 30-odd years (take that as you please). Most of my jobs have been in town (not common in this bedroom community to bigger towns). I've been a member, working member, and former and present employee of the co-op for most of that time--so, of course, it feels like home: always changing, always staying the same.”

Margie Yoder, Vitamins/Taxables

Even though I've lived in the Plainfield area for almost 30 years, many Vermonters still consider me a "Flatlander."  As they say: "If a cat crawls in the oven and has kittens you don't call them biscuits, do ya?"  I love the Plainfield area, a diverse town filled with old hippies, young hippies, theater and interesting intellectuals.  After 30 years in the Health Care field, I retired and came to work part-time here at the Co-op.  We recently changed from the manager model to collective management, a change I really enjoy.

Dawn Fancher, Staff/Finance Coordinator

Steve Bosserman,

Jeannine DeWald, Grocery & Bulk

Karen Starr, Staff/Outreach Coordinator
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