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Winter Comforts

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President's Report
by Jean Hamilton

On these short, chilly days, my family often seeks comfort in the kitchen. We make hearty breakfasts, special pies, and holiday treats. We're out of flour! The chickens didn't lay any eggs! No cream!!    Eureka! We can dash down to our convenient little co-op and be home before the pie is done. How lucky we are to have such a well-stocked neighborhood grocer...    

Treasurer's Report
by Bob Fancher

2017 Third Quarter. The third quarter had more great results for the Co-op. Q3 Sales were 3.6% higher than Q3 2016 and Year-to-date Sales were 5.3% higher than 2016. Year-to-date Gross Profit was up 3.4% from last year. Year-to-date Expenses were down 5.1% from last year which is also good news. These all lead to a big impact on the bottom line – net profit year-to-date is $17,783. In 2016 at this time it was -$6,789...

Who is Nutty Steph?
by Gail Falk

Since the days when she delivered home-made granola on roller blades around Montpelier, Jaquelyn Rieke has become one of Central Vermont's most innovative and well-known food entrepreneurs. Back then, in 2003, the former math teacher went by her given first name Stephanie.  Rieke named her company "Nutty Steph's" so customers would think about the extra nuts when they saw her granola...

Management Report
by Karen Starr

It's that crazy time of year in the Northeast when we've been sandwiched between getting ready for Winter and preparing for the holidays. Soon relatives and friends will descend, but up to the last minute many of us were stacking the last of the firewood and doing final insulating of basements and windows. Now there are pies to make and gifts to buy for whichever holidays we celebrate. And this year has been a particularly odd one with power outages and thunderstorms producing snow in November! Hermit Thrush and Blue Birds just barely headed south before the arrival of the first Snowy Owl from the Arctic...

Co-ops: the Bigger Picture, Part 3
by Giordano Checchi

In this final installment, a Board member completes his vision of a society guided by co-operative principles...

Coffee Seasons
by Matt Borg

Before moving to Plainfield and beginning his 2+ year stint at the Co-op, Matt lived in Los Angeles where he worked as a coffee roaster and QC specialist (and part-time musician). He now co-owns Carrier Roasting Co. in Northfield, where he has purview over all things coffee related...

Treats to Serve with Coffee and Tea
by Debra Stoleroff

Biscotti & Ginger Molasses Cookies Recipes...


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