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President's Report
by Jean Hamilton

Recently I cruised through the Co-op, and just as I was checking out my daughter dashed into the play area. Feeling the urgency of getting home to cook dinner, I started that old song and dance…”Sweetie, please it’s time to go.” Then my friend Jaime said “I’m going to be here for a bit, does it help if I bring her home then?” Booyah – mamas team up for the win!...  

Treasurer’s Report
by Jean Hamilton

Treasurer’s Update: Our gratitude to Alicia White who recently stepped down as Board Treasurer. Giordano Checchi has recently stepped into this role. Jean Hamilton is submitting this report as those transitions take place...

On Being a Working Member
by Jacqueline Soule

Born and raised in Plainfield, Jacqueline currently summers in this area and winters in Tucson, AZ.  She joined the Plainfield Co-op in the 1980's and has been a working member for over a decade.  

There are many different reasons you can become a working member at the Co-op, but here my top ten reasons:... 

Plainfield Co-op Strategic Planning – Expansion Feasibility
by Jean Hamilton

This past spring, we took a step towards better understanding the financial risks and feasibility of expanding the store. This project was born from the 2016 Strategic Plan (available at http://plainfieldcoop.com/documents/StrategicPlan.pdf) that articulated a need for substantial infrastructural improvements including an expansion of the store building. The Expansion Finance Committee realized that we would need a market feasibility study to help us understand the impact on store revenue to make the best decision about whether or not we can afford to make these improvements...

Blackbird Organics at Littlewood Farm
by Gail Falk

Ripening cherry tomatoes hang like Christmas ornaments along hundreds of vines delicately trellised on wire  in the big greenhouse. Plump garlic bulbs are drying in a bin in the barn. Long rows of kale, chard, cabbage and pepper plants create an artist’s palette of shades of green. The corn in the lower field is tasseling and nearly ready to pick.

It’s high summer at Littlewood Farm. Joey Klein and Betsy Ziegler are out and about with a friendly word for visitors, as usual, but this year Littlewood Farm has new farmers – Elise Magnant and Kagen Dewey...

Simple and Cheap Recipes
by Debra Stoleroff

The newsletter committee very specifically requested simple and cheap recipes for this issue. What could be better than delicious tasting food with ingredients from your garden or hand picked wild berries?...

Israel Products Boycott
with an introductory letter from Jean Hamilton

In June, a group of people approached the Plainfield Co-op Board requesting that we participate in a boycott of products from Israel. In March 2016, the Board adopted a formal policy articulating the process through which the Co-op endorses initiatives, organizations, and/or movements (note the Co-op does not endorse individual candidates for office). The process begins when a member or staff person makes a written request to the board at which point the board will assess if the issue is in accordance with the Co-ops Ends and Policies and the Cooperative Principles and if it would be supported by the majority of members...

The Co-op Spirit – Still Thriving Where It Began
by Sarah Albert

On a recent trip through Yorkshire, the birthplace of the co-op movement, I stumbled across several inspiring examples of collaboration and self-sufficiency in rural villages. I discovered that co-operative pubs are a growing trend in the UK, along with other forms of community enterprise and empowerment...


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