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President - Cat Klarich

Cat Klarich has been shopping at the Plainfield Co-op since moving to Maple Hill Rd. over 17 years ago. Cat grew up in Montpelier and shopped at the Hunger Mountain Co-op, way back when it was on Barre St! She remembers helping her mom and being rewarded with a carob- covered rice cake. 

After starting a family, Cat and her husband decided to move to the country to take on a fixer upper, dialing into this area in large part because of the Plainfield Co-op. Being able to buy good food locally was important to them.  

Cat is a country girl at heart. Her mom was raised on a farm in Hardwick, the youngest of 15 children!  Long before Cat was born, the farmhouse burned to the ground.  Decades later, the farmhouse and barn were rebuilt by Cat’s cousin. Their 50th family reunion was recently held in the new barn. 

“It might sound strange, but the way I feel about the farm is the same the way I feel about the Plainfield Co-op.  It offers a sense of belonging and community.” She insists there is no hidden carob-covered rice cake agenda. 

Cat keeps busy managing the family business, hanging out with her husband, and trying to keep up with their three kids. She has no spare time, but squeezes in motorcycle rides, Friday night dinners, and performing stand up comedy.


Vice President - Anne Van Couvering

I am a licensed naturopathic physician with an office on Elm Street in Montpelier, but mostly practice from my home on Main Street in Plainfield. We bought our house right before the pandemic, and the Co-op was a big part of the decision to buy here.

I have been shopping in and a member of coops for 40+ years. As a naturopathic doctor, I'm committed to healthy foods, locally sourced, and believe in eating locally. So many people are working to establish this model, and here we are with it ready-made! I want the Co-op to prosper.  I am committed to walkability, and I believe that slow local food is the future.

My vision for the Co-op is that it will be a place where people want to come.  Shopping at the Co-op should not be a duty.  The Co-op should be a place where people look forward to shopping.

Treasurer - John Cleary

I have lived on Gray Road in Plainfield for the last 14 years. Together with my wife Lauren and our kids, I have operated a small organic farm, selling beef, pork, eggs, and raising jersey heifers for a local dairy farmer.

In the past I have worked on various farms and directed the organic certification program for Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-VT). I have worked for Organic Valley cooperative for the last 16 years, serving the farmer-owners across the northeast. I currently serve on the board of Rural Vermont, and I have served on the boards of several other organizations in the past.

I have been involved with local foods coops for more than 20 years, and I am a strong believer in their vital mission of bringing together communities in a way that focuses on values and healthy foods. I am willing to work on the difficult issues facing the Plainfield Co-op and am committed to an inclusive process that values member input.

Secretary - Lucy Blue

I was born in NYC, and my family moved to Vermont when I was two years old. We lived in Marshfield, East Montpelier, and then Plainfield village, where I spent most of my growing up years. After graduating from Twinfield High School in 1966 and attending college in New York State, I worked for 12 years as a United Nations staff member, and had an almost 30-year career as a freelance copyeditor, including some 13 years as a translation project coordinator for Byron Katie International. I returned to Vermont in 2007.

Now retired, I find myself once again living in Marshfield, just over the line from Plainfield. Truly there’s no place like home. There’s also no place like the Plainfield Co-op. To me, the Co-op is much more than just a store. It’s an important community gathering place, a “human” place. It has heart.

In 1972, my father, Cyril Carty, was instrumental in transferring ownership of the Ivy Grange Hall to the Plainfield Co-op. I feel indebted to him and to the many people who have generously supported the Co-op with their time, money, and energy over the years. It’s now time for me to give back. I'm excited to be joining the Board at this pivotal juncture, as the Co-op opens up to new possibilities for serving our community.

Liz Bicknell

Liz Bicknell moved to Plainfield in October 2019 and joined the Co-op on her second day of living in town. Originally from England and having lived in Italy as well as various parts of the USA (California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Vermont), Liz is a keen cook and locavore. She loves the Co-op and finds it a vital part of the town. Liz works remotely as the editorial director of Candlewick Press, a children's books press in Massachusetts that publishes Maisy, Waldo, Guess How Much I Love You, and much more. She has been on the Candlewick Press board for 23 years and previously served on a nonprofit community center board in San Diego, CA.

Jess Taylor

Hi. My name is Jess Taylor. I've been in Plainfield for about three years. After 24 years off the beaten path in E. Montpelier, it is really nice to be tucked in the Village. I'm retired and have been looking for a niche to get involved.

I've been in Vermont my whole life and am fiercely proud of our little state. Sometimes I feel guilty about our lives here when so much of the world is in turmoil. We are blessed. My work background has been eclectic. In my twenties I owned a riding stable, then managed a small ski lodge, on to working at a hardware/garden store, then the Nature Center and, most recently, spent a decade in elder care. My two sons are grown and live in the area, as does most of my family. Gardening, birdwatching, reading, drawing - all keep me happily busy.

I join the board with enthusiasm and look forward to the next chapter for the Coop, what ever that may be.

Claire Dumas

 I moved to Vermont from Massachusetts in 1989, always having loved Vermont. I am a psychologist and psychoanalyst with a private practice in Montpelier. I settled in Plainfield in 1990, buying my own house on High St. in 1997. Doing yoga with Scottie and going to the Plainfield Coop both fell in my lap. Although my office is in Montpelier, more and more I find excuses to go to the Plainfield Co-op several times per week. My favorite farmers are Robin Taylor, Chris Thompson and the folks at Littlewood Farm. Kale is one of my favorite foods, as well as Robin Taylor’s cantaloupe, of course.

I feel more and more at home with the staff at the Plainfield Co-op. They kind of feel like family. So I will do everything I can to help us, the Co-op, continue to thrive wherever that might be. I bring to the Board my skills as a good listener; I can often discern what is not being said, which can be very useful at times.


Member Meeting Minutes


Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the next board meeting will be available here a week before the meeting. Members are encouraged to participate in board meetings. There is a specific member input time at the beginning of each meeting. Members may also suggest agenda items by emailing the Board a week prior to the meeting at board@plainfieldcoop.com. While the COVID-19 pandemic meeting restrictions are enforced, the board is meeting via Zoom video. Board meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month, from 6:00pm – 7:45 pm.

Board Meeting Minutes


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