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PCC Gallery has ReOpened! Come Inhabit the Space!

Local Vermont artists are invited to participate in PCC Gallery shows, as part of the cultural programming during the Pandemic time. The online presentation of the shows is easily accessible here and includes virtual tours of the exhibitions, slideshows of the artist work and other materials with all the documentary footage by Jerome Lipani of ORCA.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work in the PCC Gallery, contact the Curatrix Alexis Smith:

Plainfield Community Center Mission Statement:
The PCC serves as a bridge to further the relationship between the Plainfield Co-op, its members and the larger Community.
It provides a community space & encourages diverse activities and events.

Now on display in the Main Gallery - Jerome Lipani

Click here to read the artist statement



Virtual Tours

Take a virtual look at these:

- Plainfield Community Center Virtual Tour - Curatrix Alexis Smith outlines a brief history of the Plainfield Community Center from the 1970's to present together with filmmaker Jerome Lipani. One of the Bread & Puppet Garbagemen wanders into the space to introduce Peter Schumann's large prints of his Possibilitarian Uprising Show in the lobby gallery. Artist Matthew Denton, whose work is featured in the main gallery, speaks about his remarkable paintings made with recycled materials.

- A group of pieces by Matthew Denton

- Posters from past Community Center events

- My Co-op Is My Community - Posters made from photographs by Ethan Hubbard.

- SHED: Drama and Demystification - Review of a 2001 Community Center performance

- Possibilitarian Uprising - A group of black and white woodcut banner prints by Peter Schumann of The Bread & Puppet Theater.

- P. Schumann Recent Works, Pavi & Polash & Cannabis Harvest Celebration - October 16, 2019 at Plainfield Community Center, Peter Schumann's Possibilitarian Uprising Prints, Existibility Paintings, with Fiddle Rant, is followed by Pavi and Polash's Sacred Baul Songs and a Cannabis Harvest Celebration.

- Post-Apocalypse For 3/4 Empire - A group of black and white woodcut banner prints by Peter Schumann of The Bread & Puppet Theater. The Community Center Gallery display was in April, 2018.

- 9 Naked Consumers in God-of-Love Position - Peter Schumann's exhibit at Plainfield Community Center in December of 2016, photographed with attempted Visual Chorus effect by Jerome Lipani & with Musik by the Bread & Puppet Band led by Josh Krugman ( 4/30/2020 )

- A 2014 video of PENNY ORACLE, The Meaning Of Everything Pictures by Peter Schumann + Lubberland National Dance Co. performance of The Bombing Instead of Negotiating Dance + 9 Judicial Dances with Epilogue

- 2011 Event Poster from Dream Time Opera

The Other Galleries

The Lobby Gallery, temporarily closed, continues to exhibit Possibilitarian Uprising, black and white woodcut banner prints by Peter Schumann of The Bread & Puppet Theater.

Take a virtual tour here - Possibilitarian Uprising

The Stairwell Gallery, still open, houses the permanent collection of Ethan Hubbard‘s black and white photographic prints: Our Co-op Is Our Community generously donated to the Community Center Gallery.

Please note: The free boxes are discontinued and no drop offs of giveaway items will be accepted. Access to the community center Wi-Fi is still available in the parking lot.

If you are interested in showing your work or organizing an event, contact Alexis Smith, the Gallery’s Curatrix, or