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153 Main Street (P.O. Box 266) Plainfield, VT 05667

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Welcome to the Plainfield Co-op

New Expanded Store Hours!
Now Opening the Doors at 10:00AM Five Days a Week

Public Store Hours (Masks Required; 4 Customers Max. at a Time):

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 10:00 AM– 8:00 PM

Thursday: Noon - 8:00 PM
Sunday:   11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

        Call-in/Email Orders for Curbside Pick-up 5 Days a Week:

   See our online inventory here

        Express Window for 6 Items or Fewer:

Monday through Saturday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday:                              11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Accepting cash, checks, debit cards, credit cards, SNAP EBT cards.



Important: Public Store Shoppers’ COVID 19 Restrictions:

  • Only four customers in the store at any time – check at the Express Window if uncertain.
  • All customers must wear masks.
  • Please wash hands or hand sanitize before entering the inner store.
  • If you have any symptoms – coughing, sneezing, fever, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of smell – or have had known contact with anyone with COVID 19, please do not enter.
  • Please only one shopper per household, if possible.
  • Re-usable shopping bags/totes and containers permitted – you pack up groceries
  • No coffee bar; no returns; no egg cartons. Only milk bottles with deposits accepted.
  • The children’s area and Community Center remain closed.
  • All vendors – small and large - must continue to come to the back door and wear masks hand sanitize or wear gloves when in the building.

Open Store: Yes, the store will be open, but limited. The biggest limiting factor will be allowing just four customers in the store at a time. This is due to the social distancing requirements imposed by the state and by our very tiny retail space. We ask that you take a look at the parking lot when you arrive and see if the store might be crowded. If you have any doubt, please ring the bell at the Express Window and check with staff. They’ll be happy to wave you in, or let you know if there is a wait.
We also ask you to please shop efficiently. Have a list. If you can compile your order by sections, such as dairy, produce, beer/wine, etc., it helps the shoppers be more efficient.

   See our online inventory here

See the tabs at the bottom of the inventory spread sheet. Email us your shopping list at orders@plainfieldcoop.com, if possible. While you may be tempted to hang out and talk with staff and neighbors, please respect the fact that others need to get in and shop.

Call-in and Email Orders/Curbside Pickup:This model has kept us going and the community fed during the past three months. We have gained new members because of it, and any number of our older or more at risk community members have expressed the desire for this feature to continue. Our new schedule allows us to continue this five days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Orders will be filled on those five days between 9:00 AM and Noon.  Due to delivery and staffing issues, we can’t accommodate curbside pickup orders on Thursdays or Sundays.  You can email us anytime at  orders@Plainfieldcoop.com (email preferred) or call 454-8579.  Please only phone in orders during those hours. Floor staff will not be available to fill phone orders when the store is open between Noon and 8:00 PM.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Call the Co-op at 454-8579. You will be asked to leave your name and call back number, and member number, if you have one. Your name will go in queue for call back.
  2. Someone will call you back. They will ask if you wish to add to your gift card account in order to ensure you have enough to cover your order. If you are not a member, an account will be set up, and you can put money on it via credit or debit card. Other payment options are below. We will make three attempts to reach you when you reach the top of the queue. Please don’t keep calling us, as it ties up the phone lines and makes filling orders take longer. If you have questions about inventory, prices, or wish to add to your order, you can do that when the staff shopper calls you. Thank you.
  3. That person will then do your shopping for you. Our inventory, pricing and pictures are now on line here. If you can compile your order by sections, such as dairy, produce, beer/wine, etc., it helps the shoppers be more efficient. See the tabs at the bottom of the inventory spread sheet. Email us your shopping list at orders@plainfieldcoop.com, or call in to 454-8579.
  4. When the shopping is completed, your order will be rung through the register as usual. Your order will be bagged or boxed for pickup, and we will tell you when it will be available. A receipt will be attached, which will include the balance on your account for future reference.
  5. When you come to pick up, your order will be outside on the ramp with bags clearly marked (your name and bag 1 of 1, or 1 of 2, etc.) With summer here, frozen items may be inside. Your staff shopper will let you know, or check when you pick up.

Express Window: This has proven to be a very popular feature. We will continue to operate the Express Window all day long. Staff who are filling curbside orders will also answer the window (ring the door chime) and take your small orders – 6 items or fewer. When the store itself is open, they are still available to take your small orders. Having the window open will help relieve pressure on the number of people inside the store, particularly if only for small orders. It will also give those customers who are uncomfortable coming into a small store the availability to do convenience shopping at their Co-op.


Plainfield Co-op is a community-owned and operated food cooperative offering a full line of groceries. We love our members, but everyone is welcome to shop with us! Whether you're looking for fresh produce, dairy, affordable bulk products, or household items, you'll find what you need on our shelves. We also have an extensive selection of medicinal and kitchen herbs; a carefully selected collection of affordable beers, wines and hard ciders; health supplements; and personal care products. Everything on our shelves is always as local as possible. Our mission to provide the community with the most healthful food choices means that our focus is on organic, but we also offer selected conventional products that are more affordable.

While we welcome all shoppers, our members are closest to our hearts! So we do everything we can to make sure membership is affordable for everyone. Please check out our membership page to find out how you can become more involved in working with us to provide food for people instead of profit!

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